California Rodeo Salinas

The California Rodeo Salinas is one of the top 15 Professional Rodeos in the United States and the largest in California.

Saddle Up!

From the Kiddie Kapers parade to Sunday night’s final celebration. Every year, Mag One Media has the privilege to provide services for the California Rodeo Salinas capturing every event of Rodeo Week!


History in the Making

California Rodeo Salinas has been a staple of the Salinas community with every summer bringing a new round of rich tradition. Its enduring presence not only enriches the area’s identity and culture but also draws visitors from far and wide during Rodeo Week. Beyond its cultural significance, its annual involvement in the community generates opportunities for local nonprofits and organizations in the area.






Years Sponsored

Let’s Ride!

Mag One Media is proud to take part in over a century of tradition by being a sponsor of California’s biggest Rodeo events.