Organic Produce Network (OPN) is an organization that aims to inform, educate and connect the organic produce industry. Founded by Tonya Antle and Matthew Seeley in January 2017, OPN has since provided ways to create unity and strengthen our community through live events, webinars, podcasts, workshops, programs and digital resources. 

It was an absolute privilege to have been chosen to host this event,  in our studio, with co-founder Tonya Antle, Frank Padilla (VP & GMM of Produce & Meat, Costco Wholesale) and Steve Lutz from Category Partners.

We went live using YouTube premiere service, replicating a prerecorded, live virtual event, “What a Year It’s Been, So Far… 2020 Organics in Review”. You can check it out here. Tonya, Frank and Steve discuss the performance of organic fresh produce during this unpredictable year, and focus on consumers’ buying habits and behaviors, as well as insights on the future of organic retail.

This exclusive session discusses how organic fresh produce is performing during this unpredictable year and focuses on consumer buying habits and behaviors, as well as insights on the future of retail. Visit to learn more about resources dedicated exclusively to growers, retailers, marketers, supply chain partners

As this pandemic continues to keep us all at home and away from large crowds, businesses are finding ways to communicate to their audience while maintaining social distancing. Conferences are now being held virtually, potentially reaching a wider audience than in-person events. Condé Nast reported that even if live events return, 90% of attendees would also attend the virtual events. Large companies are adapting quickly, persuading other companies to make the change permanently to a mix of live and virtual events.

As a forward thinking business, in late 2018, we pre-built a video production studio capable of communicating and participating in virtual conversations via Zoom, Apple FaceTime, Google Meet, Skype, or any other similar video conferencing app, without ever imagining that we’d be walking into a worldwide pandemic where this form of communication would be the future. 

A handful of businesses (Organic Produce Network, Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, and others) have now utilized our virtual capabilities that includes up to 10 cameras on a live-switch that could be live streamed to your preferred platform. And with high speed internet, we can combine it all with live web conferencing. The beauty of it all,  is that our studio is also mobile and can be set up just about anywhere! 

We want to once again send a huge thank you to Matt, Tonya, Kelli and Cate at OPN for the opportunity to collaborate and make this virtual event come to life.  We are excited for future projects, and for anyone who is interested in learning more about live streaming, or our studio services, give us a call.